Belluri – Spa Website Template

Belluri Beauty & Spa Website Template is the perfect beauty salon, spa, and other health and beauty website Webflow template for any professional website. That professional website will reflect your brand and showcase your services, products, and portfolio in style.

Beauty & Spa Website Template

This website Webflow template is fully customizable, making it easy to create a website that perfectly represents your business. With Belluri, you’ll have a modern and attractive website that’s easy to use and ready to take your business to the next level.

Belluri eCommerce Webflow template comes with full eCommerce functionality. With this Webflow template, you can make your Spa, Beauty, therapy, or massage-type eCommerce website.

Beauty Website Template

The template comes with a total of 27 pages, including 15 static pages, 5 CMS collection pages, 5 eCommerce pages, and 2 utility pages. The static pages include a home page, about page, spa page, therapy page, team page, and much more.

The pricing pages show the service packages with different price lists. The login and registration page show the process of creating an account and logging in.

Belluri – Spa and beauty Website Template Features:

Webflow eCommerce Template

The Spa and Beauty Webflow eCommerce Template provides some great features for those in the beauty industry. Some of them are described below:

Responsive Design:

The responsive design offered by the Spa and Beauty Webflow Template. This feature uses cascading media queries, flexible images, and an adaptive layout.

Seamless Animations:

Seamless animations are a key component of any modern website design. This feature looks attractive to users and improves the user experience by making it more fluid and engaging.

Speed Optimized:

Inline images in this Webflow template are automatically scaled and optimized for every device size and resolution. In Addition, Optimizing images prevent your website from slowing down and improve website performance.

WebFlow eCommerce:

The Spa and Beauty Webflow eCommerce Template has eCommerce features. If you want to use this template for eCommerce purposes. This eCommerce template will be the best choice for you.

WebFlow CMS collection:

The Webflow CMS collection offers a variety of spa and beauty templates that are perfect for creating an online presence for your business. Whichever template you choose, the Webflow CMS collection offers everything you need to create a professional website for your spa or beauty business.

Utility Pages:

Utility pages provide standard templates for 404 page, password page, and other pages on your website. The password page provides password protection to your online store. The 404 Page helps keep web pages from being loaded incorrectly.

Always Up-To-Date

Up-to-date features of a template make the template smooth and bug-free. The Belluri Webflow template’s features and functions are always up to date. It will update all the features and functions with its new update.

Video Overview

Page Overview:

Static Pages:

Home page

About page

Spa Service

Therapy Service

Team page








Style Guide



CMS Pages:

Teams Template

Authors Template

Blog Template

Spas Template

Therapies template

eCommerce Pages:

Products Template

Categories Template


Checkout (Paypal)

Order Confirmation

Utility Pages:

Password Page

404 Pages

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