About Us - Dev Items LLC

Dev Items is a worldwide marketplace where the designers and developers can sell and buy Items and Services (i.e. Logo, PSD Design, Photos, Templates, CMS Themes, Plugins, Script, Site development, customizing etc). DevItems LLC is a US based Company located in Georgia, USA.. We are generating a marketplace where talented designers and developers can make their products available for buyers all over the world with their best benefit. And buyers can find quality products with their expected price. By using this item, the buyer can easily produce their website through a professional web template and other components.

Who We Are
We just started our journey with few well-ranked designers, developers and customers, who used to work on other populated marketplaces. We understand the issues and experience every designer, developer and customer passes through. From that experience, we’re venturing this marketplace with a motive to provide the better reward based on talents and business.

Our Goal, Prudence and Vision
Dev Items is a community where Designers and Developers find better reward for their products and customers are respected to have best product and services for their effort and expense.
In the end, we believe that creativity has no limits and that everyone talent across the world deserves to present his product to be picked by a cultured customer.

Ultimately establish a smooth bridge in between designers, developers and customers/consumers.

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